Retirement Solutions

  • Compulsory Purchase Annuities
  • Enhanced/Impaired Annuities
  • With Profit/Investment Linked Annuities
  • Fixed/Short Term Annuities
  • Investment Backed Guarantee Retirement Plans
  • Drawdown Contracts

The choices available to those approaching retirement are comprehensive and far ranging; meaning that access to specialist independent advice when making these life-changing decisions is essential.

As part of our suite of services Abacus will take into account an individual’s personal objectives, state of health and any other matters for consideration when determining the best course of action.

As this is part of the corporate service level agreement, the independent at-retirement advice is not charged to the individuals concerned – a service which is not ordinarily standard with other contracts. We do this to reinforce our commitment to worksite advice in providing the best possible outcome for employees both during their working life and into retirement.


Planning for a comfortable financial future takes confidence, nothing more. Setting your goals is the first step to success. It gives focus and direction. That's where we can help.

what our clients say

"Following our decision to wind up our Occupational Company Pension Scheme and replace it with a Group personal Pension Plan we appointed Abacus IFA to advise on the process and to ensure the wind up of the old scheme and implementation of the new scheme..." Read more

Paul Chouler
Managing Director,
Bright Steels Limited